Monday, December 1, 2014

Rebel Krown Radio: Meet Indy Pan

Welcome to another edition of Rebel Krown Radio! Shoutout to all subscribers and lurkers.  When will you lurkers just subscribe already.  Hotmess and I have made it much easier by putting the podcast here on RebelKrownRadio.Blogspot.Com , also on, and as always on Itunes.  All you have to do is subscribe, its like I have a spoon with food, and you're a 5 month old.

"Brzztttt, here comes the plane, open the hangar!!"

Happy Thanksgiving, hope you loaded up on carbs and football.  Likely, eating leftovers while listening to the podcast....hopefully you don't load up on regret after finishing 10bs of food faster than Joey Chestnut does a hotdog.

This week on the podcast we invite Indy Pan (his real name) to come and talk about coming from China, and moving to a third world country (Canada), before coming to live in the US.

He also has a great story, about his love of "The N Word"   WOW!!!
Lots of masturbation talk, and we separate FACT from FICTION with Asians.
Eye opening and funny podcast

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