Friday, September 5, 2014

Rebel Krown Radio: Meet My New Co-Host; Hotmess!!!!!

Its been an exciting summer, hard to imagine that it is almost over.  I hope all of you did something exciting and new.  As for me, I enjoyed Labor Day, not as much as the scores of people peeing in public.  Maybe next year for Labor Day they will make more Port-A-Potties available.

I saw a girl just peeing in between 2 cars!!! No hiding, no nothing, just squatting and peeing.  You couldn't walk thru Crown Heights, cuz all you smelled was pee.  I can't front, I am guilty of the same, but at least I pulled up to a tree and took care of business.

I am glad there were no incidents this year, although I did happen to see a guy jumping over a barricade who had a gun in his waistband.  He definitely wasn't a cop.

Here is some video of the Haitian trucks passing by, they always have the loudest trucks on the parkway every year.

All things considered it was a fantastic labor day.  But now on to the show!
Speaking of things Haitian, my new co-host.....thats right I said co-host is Hotmess.  She is just what this show needs, so I don't always end up talking to myself when guests don't show up.
A funny comedian, who is only going to make Rebel Krown Radio better.  I hope you all will enjoy this new chapter in the show, and make sure to tell your peeps if you like what you are hearing.

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