Friday, November 7, 2014

Rebel Krown Radio: Meet My New Co-Host Hotmess Pt. 2 AKA We talked so long, we had to make it another show

Greetings to all subscribers and lurkers who won't subscribe.  Rebel Krown Radio is back in full effect and better than ever, thanks to my new co-host Hotmess.  We talk a lot more BS in this episode, so if that is something that you are allergic too, you should probably take some Benadryl before listening.

On a side note, its effing winter already!!! Summer is like a deadbeat Dad, only shows up for a couple of months, makes you feel good for a little bit, then goes away for a looong time.

Before we get to the show, here is a Sam Jackson meme I made today, I think its hilarious.  Make it go viral, just remember where you got it from, ME!!!!

Good stuff, anyway....enjoy the show!!!!

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